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Access Numbers: Free Calls: +27 84 194 6570 / +27 11 656 5555 Paid Calls: +27 84 194 6572 / +27 11 656 2222
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  • Is it safe to pay with my credit card?
  • Yes it is safe to pay with your credit card; you would have a unique password and only you can make purchases with your password, keep your password safe.
  • Forgot my password, How do I get it back?
  • [To be answered.]
  • Does my voucher expire?
  • [To be answered.]
  • How many minutes do I get?
  • Your minutes duration varies with the destination you wish to reach.
  • Do I need to change my sim card?
  • No, simply purchase your pin, dial the access number, then enter your pin followed by your destination number.
  • Can I buy pins online anytime?
  • Yes, you can purchase pins around the clock using your credit card under our online shop page.
  • Unable to pay with my credit card, why?
  • We cannot control or have access to your credit card, therefore you could of either reached your credit limit or have entered the wrong details, please double check.