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Access Numbers: Free Calls: +27 84 194 6570 / +27 11 656 5555 Paid Calls: +27 84 194 6572 / +27 11 656 2222
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To see the list of compatible phones, please visit:
1. Browse to the following link from your mobile device:"".
2. Select the manufacturer.
3. Select the phone model.
4. Click the Download link.
5. Open your installed iTel Mobile Dialer from your handset's 'Installation' or 'Application' or 'My own folder'.
6. Follow the onscreen instruction and install it in the 'Phone memory' instead of 'Storage Memory' (if you install the mobile dialer in storage memory, then the program will request operator code, and PIN information for every run of the software, whereas if you install it in phone memory, it will require above information only for the first time).
7. Type your Operator Access Code (64778 for TalkAfrica).
8. Then select internet connection option which may be GPRS or WiFi.
9. Then set your valid Talk Africa Login and PIN (Available after Talk Africa Voucher purchase).
10. Wait for PIN registration confirmation.
11. Dial your desired number from iTel Mobile Dialer Contact List.